3 Cup Chicken 三杯鸡

Today I have tried a new recipe – 3 cup chicken. This Is a well-known Taiwanese dish which I always would like to try to cook it by myself. And I hope it success…. Cross finger

You might wondering why it calls 3 cup chicken. ‘3 cup’ means 1 cup of chinese white wine, 1 cup of soy source and 1 cup of sesame oil. Due to I only cook for 3 persons so I adjusted the measurement.

Let me share with you guys on the recipe…
First of all, grill the marinated chicken (marinate with soy source and white wine) until it become brownish and put aside. Then, fried the smashed garlic cloves and ginger (sliced) with sesame oil. Once you smell the aroma of fried garlic and ginger, put all the grilled chicken inside the wok and add in a bit of rock sugar. Once the rock sugar melted put in soy source, oyster source and white wine and cook until the source become ‘thick’. Last but not least, I do put some fresh basil leaves for it’s aroma 🙂 believe me the fresh basil leaves will add a lot of points to the dish.

Now enjoy your meal~~


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