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All About Health – Steam Minced Pork with Toufu & Spring Onion

It has been a while I never blog about my cooking. Let’s talk about another healthy dish I prepared and it’s also suitable to eat during hot season – steam minced pork with toufu & spring onion. Recently I fall in love with steam dishes because it’s not oily and it won’t dirty my kitchen like frying. I hate it when the kitchen floor get very oily and sticky every time after finished my cooking. So I start looking into a lot of steam recipe.

The dish that I prepared is very easy. You just need to buy some minced meat from the market, a block of white toufu and some spring onion. The spring onion needs to be chopped and minced into a smaller size and smashed the white toufu. Add in the chopped spring onion and smashed toufu into the minced meat and mixed it together. Add a bit of salt and soy sauce for seasoning purposes.


Once everything is ready put it on top of the rice cooker before you on the power of the rice cooker to cook the rice. After half and hour, the dish and rice will both cooked and ready to be served at the same time. If you prefer a simple and healthy meal you may give it a try. Besides that, the dish can be ready in a very short period of time.


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