Apple Chicken Chop (苹果鸡排)

My fridge always has a lot of apples which I can’t finish it before it spoilt. Normally I will use it to boil apple juice but I felt so bored that always having apple juice. So I decide to try to use the apple in my cooking at the same time I can expand my own recipe book.

I used 2 boneless chicken drumstick, some onions and an apple. Cut both onions and apple in cube form.

I pan fry the chicken without adding in any oil. All I did it put the skin part on the pan first and while pan fry the chicken until it become brownish then only pan fry the other side. This way will make your chicken chop a bit ‘crispy‘.

Once both side of the chicken was pan fried. Add the onion and apple in the pan. Before cover the pan, put in some teriyaki sauce and some sugar (the teriyaki sauce that I used is a bit too salty). Cook the chicken chop for another 15 minutes with covered.



After cooked the apple are way too sour so we only finished the chicken chop. The sauce taste with the mixture of sweet, salty and sour all 3 tastes.

I also found out that can use apple to boil chicken soup. Gonna try out the new recipe soon!


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