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From a working lady to become a full time housewife and would like to journal my daily life and share some of my personal experience.

Mushroom Lover (三鲜菇)

Bored of having meat daily so gonna cook some mushrooms for dinner. I used seafood mushroom, buna shimeji mushroom and abalone mushroom. This is a very simple vegetarian dish where you just need to cut and clean all the mushrooms then fried it. I fried the mushrooms with some garlic...


November 17, 2014

Tomato Rice (番茄饭)

Recently there are a lot o people sharing a page about making tomato rice with rice cooker. As far as I remembered we can order tomato rice at any banana leave mamak stalls. If you like tomato rice why not cook it by yourself as you only need very simple...


November 12, 2014

Pandan Leaves Chicken 斑斓鸡

My hubby always crave for pandan leaves chicken – a famous Thai dish. which I always doesn’t have a chance to look for the recipe. Just last week, I myself also craved for it so I decided to googled and get the recipe. It’s consider a pretty simple dish except...


November 10, 2014

婚姻 Marriage

恋爱是由两个相爱的人结合,但婚姻却是两个家庭的结合。现在的年代很对婚姻失败的个案都不是因为两个不相爱的人结合了,而是因为家庭关系和婆媳关系。 一个女人从小在家被爱戴,可是结婚后加入了一个陌生的家庭从此她的人生就此改写了。幸运的遇到好的婆婆生活与婚前都没差别,但可悲的是这个世界上有多少个好婆婆存在。 看过很多关于婆媳关系的文章,可是都在说媳妇因该要怎么容忍与迁就婆婆,那为什么不是互相迁就与容忍呢? 人与人之间的相处本来就是’互相’的。难道想当年婆婆嫁入这个家庭是不都是面对着媳妇所面对的问题吗? 可能婆婆会说想当年我的婆婆也是对我这样的,那不是更因该体谅媳妇的情况吗?为什么要把自己所承受的加于媳妇的身上呢?到底媳妇的苦又有谁明了? 我相信一段婚姻能否走到最后、美满幸福,都取决于夫家关系而不是单纯的两人关系。。。


December 2, 2013

STG Tea House Cafe, Ipoh

Yesterday I have been assigned a task where have to take care of my nephew during dinner time. Since I need to pick him up from his tuition class nearby Ipoh town area, hubby and I decided to try out this new cafe called STG Tea House Cafe. The cafe...


September 6, 2013

Four Season 粒粒菜

I believed whoever that read the title of this post must be curious what kind of dish that i’m going to intro. Actually I created the english name of this dish as four season because it included 4 different ingredient. If you wanna try out the recipe, you may mix...


August 5, 2013

I Miss Hong Kong Food!

Recently there are a few friends visited to Hong Kong and shared their trip’s photos on facebook that make me really miss this place especially their food… Here are the list of food that I miss a lot!! Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum (添好运点心专门店) Address: 大角咀海庭道18號奧海城二期G樓72號舖 The best dim sum...


July 29, 2013