Bad Experience!

I have a very bad experience working as a freelancer accounts assistant under an accounting firm in Ipoh (Ackenting Management Services). The way they running their business is they will look for customer and assign a job to a freelancer who will have to work on site at their client’s place. Before I started my job the boss informed me how much they offered me in per hour rate and once I completed 20 hours work I will get my pay.

In my case, I started my job beginning of April and by end of April I have completed my 20 hours work at their client place. After I reported my time sheet of the WIP and asked for my pay the boss told me that their company procedure is giving out pay every 20th of the month which I have not been informed earlier. I sense something is wrong and I refuse to continue the job until I get my pay.

Today is already 22nd of May and yet there is no sign of they are going to pay for my April wages! They just give empty promises.


From a working lady to become a full time housewife and would like to journal my daily life and share some of my personal experience.

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