Braise Pork Ribs 焖排骨

Normally the night before I will planned what I’m gonna cook for the next day with the ingredients I have inside my fridge. Since my hubby is a meat eater so the fridge will always stock up some meats. After checking the fridge there are some spare ribs in it so I’m gonna make a very easy dish which is braised pork ribs

The reason why I said it’s very easy to made it’s because all the ingredients that used are the normal stuff that you always can get from your kitchen. I marinated the spare ribs with some soy source and oyster source added some chopped onion and garlic for its flavor. Put it in the fridge and let it marinated for 3 hours.
I braised the pork ribs for 45 mins with Buffalo smart cooker. Before you set the timer I put in a small bowl of water so that the pork won’t dried up. While waiting for the pork ribs to be ready I can prepare other dishes… Isn’t it easy and especially for people who need to prepare 3 dishes for every meal.



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