Coddled Egg (溏心蛋)

With the extra sauce that I had from the pot-stewed chicken & pork I cooked yesterday. I decided to try to boil coddled egg which I always saw people posting the nice photos of it. Only a few simple steps you will be able to make it without fail.

You need to use the eggs that are in room temperature. If you stored your eggs in the refrigerator then you will need to take it out way before you start to cook. Boiled some water. Pour a small bowl of cold water in the boiled water follow by putting in the eggs. Boiled the eggs for 5 minutes.


After 5 minutes, takes all the eggs out and directly put the eggs in a bowl of ice water. This will cool down the egg to avoid it continue ‘boiling’. Peel off the egg shell carefully and put it in the pot-stewed chicken sauce.

Simple and nice recipe! This coddled egg will be a good combination with ramen.


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