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Cuti-cuti Malaysia – Half Day Trip to Chicken Farm at Langkap

During the last Raya holiday, my family decided to visit a friend’s sister place at Langkap, Perak. Initially it’s a life learning experience at chicken farm for the small kids who knows the adults also getting so excited when we reach the farm. The chicken farm is mainly to produce chicken and wholesale it to the market. Seriously, this is the first time I experience and get to know the whole process of the egg production. 🙂




When we reached the farm we are allowed to have the hands on experience to collect the eggs. The eggs that we collected are freshly ‘made’. You can feel that the eggs is pretty warm… According to the owner, the workers will collect the eggs twice per day. The eggs that collected in the morning will be sorted out according to the size of the eggs before sell in on the market.

DSC_1792Trays of AA size eggs

DSC_1835Look what we found! An egg that even bigger than AA eggs… It’s huge!

Before this we always thought that how would the workers gonna sorted out the size of the egg until we met this machine…

DSC_1790The machine which used to sorted out the grade of the eggs

The most amazing part of the trip is the kids actually commented that it’s more fun than playing iPad :p


From a working lady to become a full time housewife and would like to journal my daily life and share some of my personal experience.

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Hi Tedi, thanks for dropping by. Yes, the machine will grade it automatically according to the weight of the egg. The heaviest will drop first which is grade AA egg, then follow by grade A and so on. According to the farm owner the weight different between grade AA and A is only 5g.

Hi Hwan, thanks much for sharing and interesting to know in your write up , there’s a place to see this chicken farm in Langkap. I will be going there for the weekend and would like to share this same experience with my nieces and nephews. It is possible to let me know if this farm is opened to public and if so, where can i locate this or any contact number? Is there an entrance fee? Thanks much for your information 🙂

can i have this address for my research studies..how to contact this place or the owner for the group visitation?

Sorry to inform that the farm is not open for public. We are lucky that we know the owner’s relative therefore we are able to visit the farm.

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