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Cuti-cuti Malaysia – Sunway Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

Few months back I have promised my nephew to bring him to Sunway Lost World of Tambun and finally last Saturday I have accomplished my promise. This park was operated since few years back and I don’t really have a chance to visit this place at all. After visiting this park I realized that it’s actually a pretty nice place for family weekend gateway. During my visit last Saturday, the park is pretty crowded and I saw a lot of cars coming from Penang. It might be because it’s the Penang state holiday. Comparing Sunway Lagoon located in Selangor, Lost World is much more nearer if coming from Penang. Most important thing is Ipoh has a lot of nice food too…

Due to some negative comment from friends surrounding I was expecting to stay at the park maximum for an hour or two only, who knows in the end we spent half of the day here. It’s not as bad as others comment. We started our journey early so that we won’t need to play under the hot sun. We reached the park around 10.30am and due to big crowd we need to queue up for more than 10 minutes to get our admission tickets and even entering the park.

IMG_3852The Main Entrance

IMG_3656Sunway Lost World of Tambun

After we changed our attire we rented a giant tube at the counter in front of the changing room then we directly heading to the Jungle Wave Pool. For kids or adults that don’t really know how to swim may enjoy sitting on the giant tube and ‘floating’ according to the direction of the wave. For my nephew who is 5 this year, it’s very adventurous for him floating at the wave pool and he’s getting so excited 🙂

IMG_3795The Wave Pool

After the adventurous activity, we decided to go for something more leisure which is enjoying the hot spring at Saphira’s Lair that next to the wave pool.

IMG_3694Enjoying the free ‘massage’ at Saphira’s Lair

After the small break, we headed to Adventure River. Adventure River is a man-made river which surrounding the park. We enjoying the scenery of the park with the giant tube ride at the river.
IMG_3714Let’s go adventure at the Adventure River

After the tube ride, we went to another exciting place – Kids Explorabay. This pool is crowded with all children who running around. Some adults also enjoying the water splash from the giant smiley bucket…

IMG_3798The giant smiley bucket


There are a few more water park activities such as Cliff Racer, Tube Raiders which we do not have enough time to go for it as well as the Amusement Park. We took our lunch break after Explorabay and changed to dry clothes before heading to dry park. We took the train ride going around other parks. The train station is located at Amusement Park and it passed by Tiger Valley, Tin Valley and we are given option to stop at the Camp Site. We got a free ride on The Zip Line for every admission tickets we purchased which it’s located at the Camp Site. The Camp Site is actually an area specially for Corporate Team Building Program.

IMG_3814The choo choo train

IMG_3829Camp Site

IMG_3758The Zip Line

After enjoying the scenery and photo shooting session, we walk backwards to Tin Valley before heading to Tiger Valley for the 3pm tiger feeding show.

IMG_3836Nice scenery at the Camp Site

IMG_3840Tin Valley

IMG_3759While waiting for the tiger feeding show

After the tiger feeding show, we walked around 10 minutes to reach the Petting Zoo which is the last stop of our park adventurous of the day!


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