Four Season 粒粒菜

I believed whoever that read the title of this post must be curious what kind of dish that i’m going to intro. Actually I created the english name of this dish as four season because it included 4 different ingredient. If you wanna try out the recipe, you may mix and match the ingredient as your own preference.

My mum always called this dish as 粒粒菜 cause all the ingredient will be cut into small pieces with the size of a groundnut. This round I cook this dish with the combination of char siew, carrot, dried radish and french beans.


After cut all the ingredients into small pieces, I stir fried all the ingredient in a hot pan. When all the ingredient is almost ready I added a teaspoon of oyster sauce and a bit of sugar to neutralize the taste.


I believe small kids will like this dish a lot because it’s so colorful 🙂


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Your recipe looks light and delicious! I look for this type of cooking with low sodium.
Stir fry is my favorite way to prepare healthy meals. I hope you don’t mind answering a question for me. Do you recommend peanut oil for frying? I use a cast iron wok.
I tend to avoid sauces since I prepare all of my meals with very little sodium. I use very little soy sauce. Many times, a sweet and sour fruit juice is reduced and then added to my wok.
Thanks for making such great food and taking the time to show your readers how to prepare!
Karen Hoyt

Hi Karen, peanuts oil is working fine with this dish. I’m using peanuts oil too but I added with minimum quantity of amount of oil coz I don’t really like oily food. For the sauce I just put a bit of oyster sauce for the aroma if not it the taste will be too ‘plain’.

I’ve been looking for sauces that were full of flavor, but not too much sodium for my health condition. Of course your suggestion of spring onion adds a bit of zest!
I had a colorful and tasty stir fry last night with broccoli, carrots, and water chestnuts. It was great with rice noodles.
Thanks again!

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