Homemade Teriyaki Chicken

I have recently bought a bottle teriyaki sauce with honey and mustard from Jusco. I found out that this sauce is pretty useful as I can use this sauce itself to prepare chicken or salmon.

My first attempt to try out this sauce is to make teriyaki chicken. I bought 2 boneless drum sticks (kampung chicken) and marinated the chicken with the teriyaki sauce only for overnight. The quantity amount of the sauce must covered the drum stick.

The next day grilled the drum stick with pan. I didn’t add any oil into the pan for grilling it so I grilled the skin part first so I will get the natural chicken oil from the drumstick itself. After a few minutes, turned the other side and continue grilling. While turning the drumsticks I added in the teriyaki sauce a bit by a bit so that the chicken will get more flavor.



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