Mushroom Lover (三鲜菇)

Bored of having meat daily so gonna cook some mushrooms for dinner. I used seafood mushroom, buna shimeji mushroom and abalone mushroom.

This is a very simple vegetarian dish where you just need to cut and clean all the mushrooms then fried it. I fried the mushrooms with some garlic and ginger. Since mushroom somehow are tasteless (they don’t have any strong taste) so I put a tablespoon of oyster sauce and a pinch of salt for favor purposes.


If you did follow my blog you will noticed I will always go for simple and yet healthy food as I will have to finish my cooking within an hour. It’s always not an easy task to prepare a dinner while have to take care of a 4 month old baby.


From a working lady to become a full time housewife and would like to journal my daily life and share some of my personal experience.

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