Pandan Leaves Chicken 斑斓鸡

My hubby always crave for pandan leaves chicken – a famous Thai dish. which I always doesn’t have a chance to look for the recipe. Just last week, I myself also craved for it so I decided to googled and get the recipe.

It’s consider a pretty simple dish except for the wrapping part. I spent most of the time in wrapping the chicken.

I marinated the boneless chicken drumstick overnight with:

Lemongrass (smashed and filter the juice – only use the juice to marinate)
Onion (minced)
Ginger (minced)
Turmeric powder


After a day, wrap the chicken with pandan leaves. I spent more than 1 hour to wrap the chicken (around 20 pieces). It was tiring……


I kept the wrapped chicken in the fridge for another day and fried the next day for our dinner.


For the first try of this dish, it was a bit tasteless. I should put in more lemongrass juice and use fresh turmeric juice instead of turmeric powder.

I’m gonna make another round of this and hope there will be some improvement.


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