Preparation of the Big Day (ii)

Continue to my previous post about the pre-wedding shoot, I will have to get my own costume for the shooting session due to it’s not included in the package. So I have got myself an pink evening dress, 2 cheongsam (knee length) and a couple t-shirt designed by my younger sister.

 CD cover (back)

The total cost of my clothes is less MYR100.00. The pink evening dress and cheongsam are both bought from online. I only wore the evening dress and T-shirt for photo shooting and the cheongsam I wore it for the shooting and also my wedding luncheon and dinner buffet. I have been trying to ‘fully utilize‘ all the clothes I bought.

I always want to get a landscape canvas print photo for our room and since it’s not included in the package. I have tried to google search on the offer that the printing shop offered. The online printing shop charged around MYR379 excluding shipment fees for the size (16″ x 32″) I want. It was too costly for me so I tried to ask one of my friend who is a part-time wedding photographer to quote me and guess what he offered me the same size which only cost me MYR100 😀

 16″ x 32″ canvas print photo with frame
So with the total cost of MYR2,150 I got what I want. 


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