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Chocolate Cake with Bread Maker 面包机巧克力蛋糕

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Chocolate Cake with Bread Maker 面包机巧克力蛋糕

  • 1 hour 30 mins
  • Easy



I noticed most of the family owned a bread maker but might not fully utilized the bread maker just as me. I made bread loaf almost everyday as breakfast for my whole family. We are a bit bored of plain bread loaf and yet sometimes I felt too lazy to bake using oven as there are too many tools to be clean (not easy for a full time mum with a toddler do all the hassle :p). So, I decided to try out a recipe I found to make chocolate cake with the bread maker. All I have to do is just measure and get ready all the ingredients and dump all into the bread maker. The bread maker will do all the job for me like beat eggs, mixing and baking.

I found and used the recipe from Shania, a Taiwanese food blogger.

You may add in almond flakes at step 6 and mix into the batter. Then, pour some almond flakes on top of the batter before the bread maker start baking for decoration.

The cake is a bit dry and hard on the first day but it become pretty moist and soft after 2 days. And, it still taste GOOD after 2 days!



Melt unsalted butter and dark chocolate using double boil method. Keep stirring the butter and chocolate until all melted. Have to take note that don't over heat the chocolate. Keep the melted butter and chocolate aside and let it cool down.


Sift low protein flour and baking powder and keep aside.


Put the eggs, sugar and milk into the bread maker bowl first then follow by low protein flour and baking powder.


Choose the cake function of the bread maker and start. The bread maker will mix and beat the ingredients (eggs, sugar and milk).


Add in the sifted low protein flour and baking powder into the bread maker bowl and continue mixing until it had form a smooth batter.


Pour the melted butter and chocolate into the batter and mix well.


Close the bread maker cover and wait for the cake to be ready.


Cut and keep the cakes in a container once it completely cool down.


From a working lady to become a full time housewife and would like to journal my daily life and share some of my personal experience.

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