Salted Chicken

I believe a lot of people heard about famous salted chicken in Ipoh. And I’m trying to make it by myself… Actually it’s very easy to make salted chicken as nowadays a lot of salted chicken powder sold in the market. Yes, I’m ‘cheated’ in the sense that I only used the ready made ingredients :p

The salted chicken powder that I bought is very easy to apply. Inside the package there is also a aluminium foil which the size is enough for you to wrap a decent size kampung chicken. As usual, I only cook 1/3 of chicken so I didn’t finished up all the powder and not even wrap the chicken with the aluminium foil.

Before steaming the chicken, I marinated the chicken with the powder for at least an hour so that the chicken has absorbed the flavor of the powder. After an hour, steam the chicken in the wok for half an hour then it’s ready to be serve 🙂

Isn’t it easy? Just try it yourself….


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