Shrimp Toast (虾多士)

I get to know about shrimp toast from a Hong Kong cooking show. Since they are some shrimp sat in my fridge for some days, I decided to try to make it as a tea time snacks. Shrimp toast also suitable as party snack.

First of all minced the shrimp and add in a pinch of salt, sesame oil and corn flour. Smashed the seasoned minced shrimp in a bowl (this will make the shrimp more ‘chewy’).

Once the minced shrimp is ready put it aside. Cut some bread in small triangle shape and do remember to cut out the side of the bread as we only want to use the white part of the bread. Once the bread is ready, spread some minced shrimp on the bread and dip it with beaten eggs. Pan fried both side of the bread and enjoy it!

Isn’t it a very simple party snacks to be prepare. Christmas is around the corner and I bet it will be a good idea to prepare it for your Christmas party!IMG_2771.JPG


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