STG Tea House Cafe, Ipoh

Yesterday I have been assigned a task where have to take care of my nephew during dinner time. Since I need to pick him up from his tuition class nearby Ipoh town area, hubby and I decided to try out this new cafe called STG Tea House Cafe. The cafe is operated at an old building right opposite Impiana Casuarina Hotel. Previously this building used to be a nursery school called Aloha and it’s so happen that my brother went to this nursery school during his primary school.


From the research I made this cafe possible operated by Sabah Tea Sdn Bhd which I found the company name at the bottom of the cafe’s website. Besides western food, there are a few Malaysia local food being serve in the menu and for tea session they only served Sabah Tea. This cafe was nicely decorated and there are a lot of tea farm photos hanging all over the wall. Since sabah tea is their house brand, I tried their Sabah Tea with Pandan flavor which recommended by the waitress. The tea comes with a bit of pandan aroma which is a good try for me.

DSC_1861Sabah Tea – Pandan

My hubby tried their cappuccino and he gave a pretty high rating of their coffee too. As for my nephew, I ordered hot chocolate for him and it was very sweet that the barista decorate it with a cute little bear. The small boy like it so much and tried not to spoil the decoration while enjoying it. And guess what he gave a very high rating for his drinks too..


DSC_1857Hot Chocolate for the kid

We had wild mushroom soup as starter and had seafood marinara, smoked duck carbonara and fish and chips as our main course…

DSC_1865Starter – Wild Mushroom Soup

DSC_1874Main Course – Seafood Marinara (SPICY!!) :[

DSC_1864Main Course – Smoked Duck Carbonara

DSC_1873Main Course – Fish and Chips

Last but not least, we shared a Tiramisu to end our lovely dinner time… The food overall is very nice at least I like it! And they have very good service too… I’m gonna try out other foods from this cafe again!


Yummy Tiramisu


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