Tomato Rice (番茄饭)

Recently there are a lot o people sharing a page about making tomato rice with rice cooker. As far as I remembered we can order tomato rice at any banana leave mamak stalls. If you like tomato rice why not cook it by yourself as you only need very simple tools and ingredient to cook it.

I gave it a try today as it’s way too simple to prepare it. All I need is a rice cooker, rice, tomato, some black pepper and salt and also a bit of olive oil. I used virgin coconut oil or commonly known as VCO as I don’t use olive oil for cooking.


I put in the usual amount of water to cook the tomato rice due to I’m using brown rice instead of white rice. If you are using white rice do cut down a little amount of water due to during the cooking process tomato will produce some juices which will make your rice too watery.


It come out pretty yummy. The tomato rice is very good for people who stay alone and only have simple tools with them. You may add in additional ingredient like prawn, sausage or maybe add in other type of vegetable like carrot to make it more nutrient.

Give it a try!!


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