Ficca’s Cafe, Ipoh

Recently there are a lot of new cafe growing like mushrooms in Ipoh. I found a new open cafe located in Ipoh town which with a very simple and interior decoration. Ficca’s Cafe provided variety choices of coffee, dessert and limited choices of sandwiches.

This cafe very suitable for small gathering or a place where you can have a nice chat with close friend. If you are looking for a place to have a proper meal then this is not a good choice as there have limited selection of sandwiches and they don’t provide any other main courses.


I recommend their cappuccino and tiramisu!


I will definitely pay another visit to this cafe again and suggested it to my friends.

Pandan Leaf Roses (斑斓叶玫瑰花)

Happy Winter Solstice!

I had my first experience of cooking tong yuan (汤圆) to celebrate this lovely festival. I bought the ready made dough from wet market and cook the sugar base soup with pandan leaves. Even though I didn’t make the tong yuan from flour to dough but I think the most important is the base of the soup.

Sugar base soup with pandan leaves is the most basic soup. Some people might add ginger in the sugar base soup and some even have the tong yuan with soybean milk or red bean soup. Tong yuan is a very common dessert in Hong Kong which you can find in any traditional dessert shop.


I don’t want to waste the leftover pandan leaves which I bought so I decided to make some pandan leaves roses for decoration and also for the fragrance.


Braised Pork with Red Fermented Bean Curd 南乳闷猪肉

I’m going to share another simple and nice recipe today which is braised pork with red fermented bean curd. To make the pork taste better, marinate the pork (I cut it in cube form) with 1 piece of red fermented bean curd and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar for at least 2 hours.

Stir fry some chopped garlic with pan. Once smell the aroma of the garlic, put in all the marinated pork and stir fry until 70% cooked. Add in the pre-soak black fungus and a small bowl of water. Cover the pan and braise with low heat.


Just a small note, black fungus not only delicious it also beneficial for coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

This is a very good dish to have with a bowl of rice :D

Stir-fry Roasted Pork aka Siew Yuk (香炒烧肉)

If you have some leftover roasted pork aka siew yok sit inside your fridge then you may try out this recipe.

This recipe is as simple as eating kacang putih. Just get ready the roasted pork without marinated it because it’s already being marinated when the pork being roasted. Stir fry the roast pork by added in some chopped garlic, oyster sauce, soy sauce (if your roasted pork are salty can ignore this) and sugar.

The roast pork I had have enough flavor so I just add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce and 2 tablespoon of brown sugar.


This dish can be ready within 20 minutes and it taste fantastic! Give it a try and you will know :)

Shrimp Toast (虾多士)

I get to know about shrimp toast from a Hong Kong cooking show. Since they are some shrimp sat in my fridge for some days, I decided to try to make it as a tea time snacks. Shrimp toast also suitable as party snack.

First of all minced the shrimp and add in a pinch of salt, sesame oil and corn flour. Smashed the seasoned minced shrimp in a bowl (this will make the shrimp more ‘chewy’).

Once the minced shrimp is ready put it aside. Cut some bread in small triangle shape and do remember to cut out the side of the bread as we only want to use the white part of the bread. Once the bread is ready, spread some minced shrimp on the bread and dip it with beaten eggs. Pan fried both side of the bread and enjoy it!

Isn’t it a very simple party snacks to be prepare. Christmas is around the corner and I bet it will be a good idea to prepare it for your Christmas party!IMG_2771.JPG

Coddled Egg (溏心蛋)

With the extra sauce that I had from the pot-stewed chicken & pork I cooked yesterday. I decided to try to boil coddled egg which I always saw people posting the nice photos of it. Only a few simple steps you will be able to make it without fail.

You need to use the eggs that are in room temperature. If you stored your eggs in the refrigerator then you will need to take it out way before you start to cook. Boiled some water. Pour a small bowl of cold water in the boiled water follow by putting in the eggs. Boiled the eggs for 5 minutes.


After 5 minutes, takes all the eggs out and directly put the eggs in a bowl of ice water. This will cool down the egg to avoid it continue ‘boiling’. Peel off the egg shell carefully and put it in the pot-stewed chicken sauce.

Simple and nice recipe! This coddled egg will be a good combination with ramen.

Pot-stewed Chicken & Pork (卤味)

Today is a lazy day so I decided to have stewed chicken & pork only for our dinner. What I need to prepare was only the sauce which with the combination of soy sauce, water and sugar.

The portion of soy sauce and water are 1:1.5 if the soy sauce that you use not as salty as mine you may just put 1:1 portion. Due to the soy sauce that I use is way too salty I had put 6 tablespoon of brown sugar in and also some cinnamon and star anise. Once the sauce boiled put in all the chicken and pork and leave it simmering very gently for half and hour.


After half and hour, it’s ready to be served. You may add in toufu and egg as well according to your own favorite.

Mushroom Lover (三鲜菇)

Bored of having meat daily so gonna cook some mushrooms for dinner. I used seafood mushroom, buna shimeji mushroom and abalone mushroom.

This is a very simple vegetarian dish where you just need to cut and clean all the mushrooms then fried it. I fried the mushrooms with some garlic and ginger. Since mushroom somehow are tasteless (they don’t have any strong taste) so I put a tablespoon of oyster sauce and a pinch of salt for favor purposes.


If you did follow my blog you will noticed I will always go for simple and yet healthy food as I will have to finish my cooking within an hour. It’s always not an easy task to prepare a dinner while have to take care of a 4 month old baby.

Apple Chicken Chop (苹果鸡排)

My fridge always has a lot of apples which I can’t finish it before it spoilt. Normally I will use it to boil apple juice but I felt so bored that always having apple juice. So I decide to try to use the apple in my cooking at the same time I can expand my own recipe book.

I used 2 boneless chicken drumstick, some onions and an apple. Cut both onions and apple in cube form.

I pan fry the chicken without adding in any oil. All I did it put the skin part on the pan first and while pan fry the chicken until it become brownish then only pan fry the other side. This way will make your chicken chop a bit ‘crispy‘.

Once both side of the chicken was pan fried. Add the onion and apple in the pan. Before cover the pan, put in some teriyaki sauce and some sugar (the teriyaki sauce that I used is a bit too salty). Cook the chicken chop for another 15 minutes with covered.



After cooked the apple are way too sour so we only finished the chicken chop. The sauce taste with the mixture of sweet, salty and sour all 3 tastes.

I also found out that can use apple to boil chicken soup. Gonna try out the new recipe soon!

Tomato Rice (番茄饭)

Recently there are a lot o people sharing a page about making tomato rice with rice cooker. As far as I remembered we can order tomato rice at any banana leave mamak stalls. If you like tomato rice why not cook it by yourself as you only need very simple tools and ingredient to cook it.

I gave it a try today as it’s way too simple to prepare it. All I need is a rice cooker, rice, tomato, some black pepper and salt and also a bit of olive oil. I used virgin coconut oil or commonly known as VCO as I don’t use olive oil for cooking.


I put in the usual amount of water to cook the tomato rice due to I’m using brown rice instead of white rice. If you are using white rice do cut down a little amount of water due to during the cooking process tomato will produce some juices which will make your rice too watery.


It come out pretty yummy. The tomato rice is very good for people who stay alone and only have simple tools with them. You may add in additional ingredient like prawn, sausage or maybe add in other type of vegetable like carrot to make it more nutrient.

Give it a try!!