婚姻 Marriage

恋爱是由两个相爱的人结合,但婚姻却是两个家庭的结合。现在的年代很对婚姻失败的个案都不是因为两个不相爱的人结合了,而是因为家庭关系和婆媳关系。 一个女人从小在家被爱戴,可是结婚后加入了一个陌生的家庭从此她的人生就此改写了。幸运的遇到好的婆婆生活与婚前都没差别,但可悲的是这个世界上有多少个好婆婆存在。 看过很多关于婆媳关系的文章,可是都在说媳妇因该要怎么容忍与迁就婆婆,那为什么不是互相迁就与容忍呢? 人与人之间的相处本来就是’互相’的。难道想当年婆婆嫁入这个家庭是不都是面对着媳妇所面对的问题吗? 可能婆婆会说想当年我的婆婆也是对我这样的,那不是更因该体谅媳妇的情况吗?为什么要把自己所承受的加于媳妇的身上呢?到底媳妇的苦又有谁明了? 我相信一段婚姻能否走到最后、美满幸福,都取决于夫家关系而不是单纯的两人关系。。。


December 2, 2013

Preparation of the Big Day (ii)

Continue to my previous post about the pre-wedding shoot, I will have to get my own costume for the shooting session due to it’s not included in the package. So I have got myself an pink evening dress, 2 cheongsam (knee length) and a couple t-shirt designed by my younger...


June 13, 2013

Preparation of the Big Day (i)

Me and my hubby was struggling and discussed a lot during the preparation of our big day which I would like to share with everyone on our experience. We have limited budget for our wedding including pre-wedding shoot, renovation of our room, decoration and so on… As our family are...


June 11, 2013

New life begin…

It has been awhile I never update my blog. Being so busy with my working life and the preparation of my wedding. And now, I’m from a full time working lady become full time housewife. I would said that it’s a DRAMATIC changes of my life.Now it has been a week...


June 7, 2013

Bad Experience!

I have a very bad experience working as a freelancer accounts assistant under an accounting firm in Ipoh (Ackenting Management Services). The way they running their business is they will look for customer and assign a job to a freelancer who will have to work on site at their client’s...


May 22, 2012