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Cuti-cuti Malaysia – Other Attractions in Penang

Visiting Penang is like a treasure hunting cause you might found interesting places or cafe/ restaurant even you walked along the side road. I have been traveled to Penang a few times this year to have a short weekend gateway with my hubby. We always enjoy our trip because we never have any itinerary or plan ahead. We travel according to our own sweet time and our mood 😉 There are a few places I really fall in love with it even the first time I’m visiting that place.

I felt so relax every time I visited Straits Quay and I fall in love with this place when the first time I visited here. Ordered a cup of coffee from Starbucks and enjoying it with the nice sea view is the MUST do when I’m here.I’m lucky enough that managed to catch up the rehearsal of live singing performance by a very talented boy and his father while I’m enjoying the sunset with a cup of coffee…

IMG_1157The lovely view


Besides enjoying the view, I did visited Charlie Brown Cafe at 1st floor too. This cafe are decorated with the The Peanuts gang such as Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally Brown and so on… Even the dessert and coffee also are decorated with all these character. It did brought back my childhood memories…

IMG_1158The interior


Besides Straits Quay, China House is another place which I like the most especially with their interior and food. There are a few of famous wall painting nearby this cafe/ restaurant so we park our car somewhere nearby and walked around this area. There are a lot of old style shop lots at this area too and we found an interesting shop that display historical items and decorations. In that shop there is an old man who play music with an instrument that looks like type writer. I have no idea what is the name of the instrument and found that it’s really amazing…

IMG_1174China House

DSCF9369Garden at China House

IMG_1188Wall painting

DSCF9396The interesting shop

I’m going to visit these places over and over again while hunting for other new places……


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