Pandan Leaf Roses (斑斓叶玫瑰花)

Happy Winter Solstice!

I had my first experience of cooking tong yuan (汤圆) to celebrate this lovely festival. I bought the ready made dough from wet market and cook the sugar base soup with pandan leaves. Even though I didn’t make the tong yuan from flour to dough but I think the most important is the base of the soup.

Sugar base soup with pandan leaves is the most basic soup. Some people might add ginger in the sugar base soup and some even have the tong yuan with soybean milk or red bean soup. Tong yuan is a very common dessert in Hong Kong which you can find in any traditional dessert shop.


I don’t want to waste the leftover pandan leaves which I bought so I decided to make some pandan leaves roses for decoration and also for the fragrance.



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