The Mystery Place – Bali

Bali always gave me a feeling that it’s a very mystery place. I have visited this place twice which in year 2009 and 2011. Both visit gave me a different experience it might because I went with different bunch of people… Both visit we have appointed local driver cum tour guide. They charged by per day rate including petrol and driver but we will need to pay for the entrance and parking fees for some tourist spots.

During my first visit to Bali in year 2009, I stayed at Kuta area which the hotel is right opposite the Kuta Beach called Grand Istana Rama Hotel. This hotel is within the walking distance to Hard Rock Cafe and Kuta Square. It’s pretty convenience if you would like to walk around and have some cold beer with your tour mate at night. My second visit is my company trip and my company has arranged us to stay at Tune Hotel. Tune Hotel is located at Kuta area as well but it’s at a pretty hidden spot. I feel that it’s not as convenience as Grand Istana Rama Hotel. But of cause if you are budget traveler, Tune Hotel is a pretty good choice where you will have a very comfortable place to rest after all the activities during the day time.

IMG_0003Garden View Rooms at Grand Istana Rama Hotel

Mas Village, Wood Craving
This is a village where most of the local residents here do wood craving. You will be amazed by their creativity and imagination as they craved without any design layout plan.

IMG_0008Wood crave artist

IMG_0007some of the final product

Gua Gajah
This Elephant Cave is located at Ubud area and this is one of the stop normally tourist will go when they are on their way to Kintamani Valcano. You will see a lot of creatures and demons craved on the rock at the entrance of the cave and there is a holy bathing pool at the center of the cave area.

IMG_0019View of Elephant Cave when we are on the way walking towards the cave

IMG_0027The Holy bathing temple figures

Kintamani Valcano
Kintamani is an active valcano. There are a lot of restaurant which has full view of glass window facing the valcano where you can enjoy your lunch with the nice view. This is consider a very popular tourist spot. One thing you have to be very careful on the price of your lunch especially you having buffet lunch where there is no menu or price show at the entrance. My personally experience at one of the restaurant which serve buffet lunch and the price that the waiter charged the next two tables are both difference price from us.

IMG_0065The view I’m enjoying while having my lunch

Rice Terrace
You may enjoy a very nice rice terrace view when you are on the way going back from Kintamani. If you are lucky enough you may able to see how they manage their paddy field.

IMG_0078View of Rice Terrance along the way

Taman Ayun Temple
It’s a Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire which surrounded by a big fish pond. You may see a lot of temple with multistory roof and this is a place to pray the god in their manifestation.
IMG_0091The entrance

IMG_0112The multistory roof

Tanah Lot Temple
This is a one of the sea temple which also a very famous tourist spot to enjoy the nice sunset. You will see there is full of people who went there and wait for the sunset. There will be an announcement made when the tide water is rising. All the tourist will have to leave the base of Tanah Lot.

IMG_0131The base at low tide
IMG_0150The temple
IMG_0250Beautiful sunset

Turtle Island
I took a glass bottom boat from Tanjung Benoa Beach to Turtle Island. Initially I thought I might be able to see some fishes or nice coral when I’m on the boat ride but the sea is too dirty where I barely can see fishes. In the island, you can sea turtles, bat and snakes… There are a few pond with different size/ ages of turtles where the local tour will give explanation and introduction in English.

IMG_0306Cute baby turtles

GWK Culture Park
GWK is a private cultural park which is 15 minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There is a biggest GWK statue in Bali in the park and you may enjoy the Balinese traditional dance performance as well.

DSC01350The biggest GWK statue in Bali

IMG_0330Craving at one of the rock wall


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